New Formula for Assessment, Accountability, and Learning

Formative assessment is both good teaching and good learning, because it empowers students to self-assess and guide their own learning.” True formative assessment is, “a sequence of instructional steps, one of which involves ongoing monitoring and evidence gathering of student learning related to a particular learning target. Read More.

iPads in Special Education

Technology in Special Education classrooms is useful because it offers a different way for the students to learn. iPads are useful resources in a Special Education classroom because there are many great apps for students to use and enhance their learning.

Research Says You Should Be Used iPads in the Classroom .

Mobile devices may come and go, but the iPad has remained a hit in the K-12 classroom. But even though they’re in schools, our work with teachers has led us to understand that while many of them would like to use iPads meaningfully in their classrooms, they can’t because of time, access, and training.Continue reading

5 FREE Technology in the Classroom Apps You Need to Try

If you are looking to up your technology in the classroom game, then today we have a few apps that can help you do just that. Whether you are looking to improve the home-school connection, create digital portfolios, or increase student dialog, these apps have been put to the test.Continue Reading

The iPad App That Could Change College Sports Forever

Duke is the first college program to use Sports Board’s live-stats feature, a number of others — including Virginia Commonwealth University and the University of Miami — have already been using the app’s primary function. That function is player assessment, allowing coaches to evaluate prospective recruits and compare impressions in new, more effective ways.Continue Reading…

How Classroom Assessments Improve Learning

Teachers who develop useful assessments, provide corrective instruction, and give students second chances to demonstrate success can improve their instruction and help students learn.continue reading…

How Digital Assessment Disk Works

DAD is an online application for iPad with assessment and evaluation for education and teachers. DAD is a creative global assessment tool which facilitates the better assessment of individuals belonging from various disciplines like teaching, training, human resource and sports