How To Use Digital Assessment Disk


Follow these step to use Digital Assessment Disk are :

Step 1  Create Account :   Account is created automatically when you log into DAD app.

Step 2 -Create Group :   Under my group add title, group logo and institute group from gallery. Now click on save.

Step 3- Create individual profile:  Under My Group file click on Add new profile and  fill various field as per your requirement.Now click on save.

Step 4- Capture Performance :  Click on Individual profile now select disk as required and do assessment to view performance.Add comment and capture video.

Step 5 –  Analyse Profile : Open individual profile and click on Assessed On.

Step 6 –  Share/Store Profile :  Open individual profile and follow procedure as in Step 5.Click over 4th share symbol for circular or horizontal graphs.

Step 7 – Intervene : As per the performance you will see color coded intervention. Red would be least enthusiastic and green would represent an expert

Step 8Reassess/Re-profile :  After completion process can be repeated and feedback can be provided.

Step 9 – Create Own Disks :  Visit Group page link on help button and click over purchase own Disks to follow instruction for adding name, assessment criterion and performance indicators.


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