DAD – Assessment and Evaluation App

DAD is a global assessment iPad app regardless of learning discipline. Current categories include: Academic/Teaching/ Teachers/ Physical Education, Sport/ Coaches, Human Resources/People development. It provides effective and inclusive practice that is conceptually and theoretically robust and empirically informed.

Who can use DAD iPad app?

Assessment has widely been acknowledged as a central element of institutional educations, shaping curriculum and pedagogy in powerful ways and representing a critical reference point in political and professional and public debates about educational achievement and policy directions. Assessment takes place during the learning process and a summative but reviewable profile is developed & stored Digital Assessment Disk links instructional and assessment by using the same observable behavioral outcomes. The assessment criteria and teaching points key factors are the same.

When DAD can be used?

At every stage of learning and performance (formative) producing a personalized and pertinent profile (summative) Convenient monitoring of subject (pupil, athlete, worker, trainee) Provision of feedback for improvement based on leveling and analysis of performance.
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